Skill Injectors: A Second Hand Account

I spoke a little previously about getting active in RvB again, and of my brothers in law sinking deep into the Eve rabbit hole. BP went so far as to purchase a character off of the bazaar (shortly before the release of skill injectors) so that we could go on stealth bomber roams (I’ll have more to say about that later). Then, skill injectors hit, and things got a little feverish.

The first to hit the injectors was Alvar, my brother in law who is a tad bit more experienced in Eve and already had around 20 million SP. He purchased a couple injectors in order to polish off some longer skill trains and make fitting a triple rep Myrm a little easier on him. Soon, I was undocking with him and heading to Syndicate for some testing.

Not wanting to be left out, and having a character in dire need of skillpoints, BP joined the injector wagon and purchased, well, quite a few. He went from around 3 million SP to just over 10 million in a matter of days, targeting the skills he needed to fly and fit Amarr battlecruisers. As soon as he accomplished that goal, we three musketeers set off for another jaunt through Syndicate with battlecruisers (that ended up with us thunderdoming because Syndicate is Dead RIP).

I was ambivalent about skill injectors. I’m approaching 80 million skillpoints and can fly just about anything sub-capital. With the diminishing return system, injectors weren’t in the plans for Marc Scaurus, and most of my alts are developed to where I need them already through old fashioned training. I have a hauler, a prober, and a station trader already. In short, I didn’t need injectors – ever.

However, seeing the profound impact that injectors have had on both a brand new and somewhat new player, I’m beginning to really see the benefits. Sure, you can be impactful in a Rifter with just a few million skillpoints – but you can also feel left out when your friends are flying slightly larger things, and you are just an afterthought. Similarly, you can fly a fairly decent Myrm at 18 million skillpoints, but with just a little boost you can fly one with near perfect skills. And now, you can achieve these things without waiting months for a skill queue to tick over.

Skill injectors have, in my eyes at least, revealed just how limiting the time based skill training method is. BP’s skill queue prior to injectors sat at around 45 days, and now is nearly done. In an industry where the new hotness is a matter of a week or two, rather than a year or two, affording new players the ability to jump straight into gaining experience with their chosen weapons, rather than having them wait weeks, is a tremendously positive thing.

Obviously, this is all anecdotal, and there are already plenty of examples of the old adage that skillpoints != experience, but being able to shortcut one of those two things in favor of the other is a good thing for the game. The only gripe I have is that the cost is perhaps too high for injectors, but I’m no market wiz and have no idea how we arrived at the 1 million SP = 1 PLEX (ish) valuation we currently sit at.