Sovereignty is Dying

Sovereignty in EVE Online is dying; Long Live Sovereignty! That seems to be the message buzzing around the EVE Online community since the big devblog (and I do mean big – the thing clocks in at something like 7 billion words) came out on Tuesday. However, it doesn’t seem that many people are using that whole phrase, instead choosing one or the other to sum up how they feel about changes.

I’m no sovereignty expert; I played around in Amok. for a bit a few years back but never got deep into null. In its current incarnation, I find the actual mechanics of nullsec fighting incredibly dull – as do most others who actually participate it. Hell, one CFC candidate for the CSM said that the Dominion sov system was boring and led to stagnation. Naturally, that means once CCP comes out with a plan to shake things up and try to address the stagnation and boredom concerns both short- and long-term, everyone freaks out. You just can’t win.

I’m sure the plan as outlined by Fozzie has holes in it – that’s the whole point of publishing the devblog in the first place 3 months before it is scheduled to be patched on to Live. Give everyone some soak time, some feedback time, run some quick iterations and get it out there for the real testing. I’m not well-equipped to really say what those holes are, though, so I’ll leave that to the experts (TMC will no doubt soon be awash in op/eds concerning this topic). Instead, I’ll tell you what I do know:

I’m. Really. %$@*ing. Excited. I still have absolutely no desire to contest or hold sovereignty in nullsec in any real way – this core tenet is one of the main reasons I think I stay in Stay Frosty, even though I don’t get a ton of time to play. Nobody I talked to on Stay Frosty’s Slack on Tuesday seemed the least bit interested in holding sov seriously. But everyone was excited. The thought of roaming out, laying siege, then disappearing back into the ether like vikings in space come June is a very, very appealing one.

The new system also appears to cut down a lot on the complex tangle of interconnected cobwebs that defines sov warfare as it exists now, though it is still probably pretty obtuse to complete newbs. The primary timezone declaration is also somewhat concerning, primarily for alliances that currently have significant presences across different continents – either those different timezones will have to spin off into different alliances, or significant chunks of your player base will be irrelevant to your sov game. Neither of those is a very good situation, if I’m honest.

There will be tweaks though, and I’m looking forward to those tweaks. If things like Phoebe made me interested in playing Eve again, the June patch-pansion has me pumped.