Too Long To Beat

Recently I came across a nifty little website called With it, you can import your Steam account library and get estimates as to how long it would beat everything in it, both individually and cumulatively. Over the Steam winter sale, I recently breached the 300 game mark in my Steam account and have been contemplating various ways to play through my ever growing backlog. Now, in order to get an idea of how long that would take, I loaded up HLTB and gave it a whirl.

Oh my.

According to the site, it would take me 328 days and 21 hours to play through everything in my library to completion. Well, not everything – it only matched 285 of my 303 games, which makes sense given that I have a few items in my catalog that aren’t public quite yet, but it is pretty near complete. 328 days! That’s solid, 24 hours a day. In reality, with maybe a couple hours available in any given day, my Steam collection would take well over a decade to get through. And that’s assuming I don’t add to it ever again!

This year, I’ve set myself up for a bit of failure when it comes to games; I’ve set the goal of ‘don’t buy a single new game all year’, which of course is probably going to go right out the window when things like No Man’s Sky come out, or the Steam sales come a-knocking. However, this is the reason why – I have so many games, the vast majority of which are categorically and objectively good games, that I really don’t see why I should keep buying games. At least, not until I clear some of this out.


Recently I’ve been playing Pillars of Eternity, primarily because I was able to get it installed even with my craptastic wireless adapter I purchased for my overhauled PC (so craptastic was this thing that I couldn’t dare play EVE with it – the lag would kill me). HLTB estimates PoE to take about 55 hours to complete, and I’m already a dozen hours in – but I think I’ve got a way to both clear up my backlog and make a game out of it.

I’m gonna try my hardest to beat every title I have in my library in under the average completion time. That gives me just about 40 hours left to complete Pillars, which I think is doable. Of course, that’s only achievable by focusing solely on the main storyline, but honestly I complete so few titles that I don’t think putting blinders on when it comes to big expansive RPGs like Pillars is a bad thing.

At any rate, that’s the plan – now it is time to execute~