Top 6 Reasons to Run for CSM

This year’s CSM election is in a higher gear than I think I’ve ever seen before. Drama abounds as do candidates, which set me thinking – what are some reasons why individuals should consider running for the CSM? Here’s what I think:

If you like participating in a democratic process

Is Super Tuesday not enough for you? Do you regularly follow your local school board elections? Well, have I got an election for you! Even less on the line, even more drama – what’s not to love about this totally democratic process in which we’re lucky to see participation percentages in the high teens.

If you always regretted not running for High School Class President

You never got a chance to deliver on your election promise of stocking the vending machines with Surge (or better yet, to actually get vending machines on campus!), but you’ve never forgotten the thrill of ten people cheering for you at a pep rally.

If dog and pony shows are your absolute fave

Puppy bowl is better than the Super Bowl, every single year. Pedigrees, posture, and the most shallow of perfection is not just appreciated by you – it is obsessed over. You’d like nothing so much as the polite clapping due to you as you trot down the red carpet (or, in this context, when your name shows up on a powerpoint in Iceland).

If you would like your e-Fame confirmed

Your podcast/blog/art/youtube/etc get pretty decent views and the people who comment are generally appreciative of your efforts. However, there’s a nagging doubt that will not dissipate. What if….what if not everyone likes what you do? What if your fans are lackluster in their commitment to your genius? There’s just one way to know for sure – how many are willing to put you at the top of their ballot?

If a complimentary trip to Iceland sounds pretty cool

The Land of Ice and Fire. Viking territory, almost lost to the ages before suddenly being brought into modern times. Home to Crowd Control Productions, developers of EVE Online. It’s certainly one of the more exotic places people live on this little rock of ours, so who wouldn’t want an all expense paid trip there to talk about a video game, drink a bunch, eat rotten shark and walk on glaciers/volcanoes/volcanic glaciers?

If you love CCP FoxFour/Fozzie/Rise/Seagull and think they are just The Coolest

You get to meet your idols and maybe even drink some beers with them! How cool! These people are more deserving of the word “celebrity” in your mind than those idiots on E! and you want them to know it! Maybe you’ll even get an autograph omg can you imagine?!?!?!