Voting for the 11th CSM Under Way!

GO VOTE. Seriously, if you’re someone who thinks that a player advisory board for Eve Online is a good idea, you should probably vote in this CSM election – if nothing else, a decent turnout may help keep the CSM around next year.

Now, there has been a lot of drama this year regarding the CSM. Breakdowns in communications, boycotted summits, attempted smear campaigns and more. Every year the CSM becomes more and more like a real political organization, which probably isn’t a good thing. However, there continue to be things to like about the CSM.

Take Mike Azariah for example. A Canadian teacher, Mike ran unsuccessfully many times for the CSM before getting on with CSM8. He served that term, as well as two subsequent terms, before bowing out of the process this year. Mike brought a level head, reasonableness, and the Bowhead to Eve. All these things are worth noting. He even battled and defeated cancer while serving on the CSM. Dude is a champ.

Steve Ronuken is another great example of the usefulness of the CSM when the right person is on it. Steve’s work with CCP Foxfour (soon to be RIP Foxfour, as he is moving on from CCP) brought third party development concerns ahead by leaps and bounds.

The thing that, in my mind, connects these two is that they sought to serve the players of Eve – they did not seek to serve a particular alliance or clique, but instead served at the pleasure of the players, for the players. They are both stellar examples of the type of person that can bring the CSM forward.

This year, over 50 players are running, but based on the extensive interview process of CSM Watch (shameless plug – go listen to some of those episodes, particularly the analysis shows!) and other organizations this year, I can safely say that only a handful of candidates are worthy of a seat on the Council. These are people I believe will bring the game forward, will serve to the best of their abilities, and not seek to change things for the sake of their position in the metagame of Eve (or, if they do, their smarts outweigh that possibility). Here’s my ballot:


The only reason Steve Ronuken isn’t on it is that I have long held the belief that his work is so specialized and he’s such a good dude that CCP should be paying him for his time, rather than subjecting him to these elections. At any rate, a brief rundown:

Mr Hyde: I knew nothing about him going into the elections, but his interview with me at CSM Watch and careful observation of his posting, streaming, and YouTube have convinced me. He most aligns with my preferred playstyle and has both the technical chops and appropriate attitude to serve on the CSM. Mr Hyde, #1!

Joffy: This was a no brainer for me as soon as I heard he was running. Not only does Joffy have an intense passion and a thorough understanding of the lowsec life, he also is a quadriplegic and as such is uniquely situated to make the game better and more inclusive for people with disabilities the world over. Great dude, great CSM. His rather unique interview is over here.

Gorski Car: Sure, he attracts drama, but by all accounts he has served ably on CSM9 and CSMX as a replacement candidate. Maybe, just maybe, we can get the dude on without someone else having to drop out for inactivity or running their mouth. His interview, which is definitely worth a listen, is here.

Apothne: Another savvy technical guy, Apothne brings with him a view on nullsec, on FCing, and on eSports and tourneys that I think is valuable. His already developed connections with developers should also serve him well on the CSM. His interview is over here.

Kyle Aparthos: I first met Kyle when he came aboard TMC some years ago, and I’ve always found him to be a well-spoken, well-thought-out individual. I may not agree with him all the time, but he can serve on the CSM ably and speak to big sov null concerns. You can listen to his interview here.

Chiimera: The second Imperium fellow on my ballot, Chiimera is a wonderful guy who has experience with Eve meets, tournaments, and would serve as a great representative for his native timezone (AU, the land down under). In addition, I feel like he would be a voice for the line member of Eve, and a voice for whomever wanted to talk to him. His interview, which was quite interesting, can be found over here.

Capri Sun KraftFoods: Another null orientated candidate, I feel like Capri would speak well for non-bloc nullsec. His experience as an FC and PVPer also convinced me to vote for him. His interview is here.

Jin’Taan: Basically an insurance vote should neither Apothne or Capri get on. I liked his interview on CSM Watch, and though he might be young I think he would be an asset to the CSM over the long term. His interview, with a great gotcha question, is here.

RF Gnaeus Crassus: As I went to bat for Crassus in the fifth CSM Watch analysis show, I found myself becoming increasingly convinced to add him to my ballot. I may not engage in the same activities as Crassus, who is a Contract Manager for Red Frog Freight, but I feel like his voice would be a great one to have. Addressing contracts specifically and trading in general is a wonderful idea, and he knows basically nothing about what happened with CSMX this year – which at this point is a plus for me. His interview is here.

…And that’s it. I’m only voting for 9 people this year, rather than assembling a full slate of 14 members. Some I have no real opinion on, and others I feel would be a disaster. I don’t expect everyone on my ballot to get on, though I do think most have a decent chance. However, I do feel like each person on this ballot would serve to the best of their abilities on the CSM, and not solely for their own gain. Right now, that’s what the CSM needs.